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Outstanding Teaching & Learning and Achievement in MFL

Outstanding learning involves giving the students the opportunity to demonstrate what they can do. Engaging with film as part of their learning provides many opportunities but the use of our study guides is likely to result in students being able to demonstrate and develop their ability to: perceive patterns quickly and demonstrate assimilation of new grammatical structures. […]

Approaches to using film

When you are looking to utilise a film in MFL, what are the best approaches? Identifying certain scenes/sequences within a film, and using these clips to understand how narrative markers work and predicting what happens Using oral activities to form questions to discover what the scene is; students describe the scene; students contextualise the scene […]

How to use the guides

Use the films and extracts that most clearly illustrate a key issue for your students – be critical in your selection – what scene and why is it useful Bear in mind the level of difficulty of the film but also think about its versatility – you can tackle smaller chunks of the film that allow […]

What is going wrong with MFL teaching?

There is a fascinating sequence in the semi autobiographical film ‘Entre les Murs’ where the teacher François is explaining the imperfect subjunctive to a class of inner city Parisian kids. They heatedly debate the importance of learning language that only “snobs” use, and that their knowing this tense would never be remotely applicable to them […]

Developing Independent Learning Skills in MFL

The following skills are recognised as significant for students to develop for the highest achievement in MFL. Students should: Show a genuine interest in the cultural features of the language being studied Think quickly and be able to recognise familiar language in an unfamiliar context Have the ability to use verbal and non-verbal clues in order […]